First Post

January 23, 2007

I dont really write too often on the net.May be I am still a supporter of the old school and prefer the sound of pen against paper.But now that I have a blog I have to start writing here pretty soon ’cause thats what I opened it for.

I havent yet thought of what to write. Ideas are several but I am confused as to which one to translate to words first.I am in a good mind to put it off for a while as I have lots to do and pressed for time but to see the page empty of any contents doesn’t give me a good feeling.

It was kind of difficult deciding the name for my very own blog. Am not too satisfied with ‘Mind Chimes’ either. But thats the closest I could come to what I thought I would write about. Everone asked “what will the blog be about?”. I said “I really dont know… I ll write when I think of it”

Well that shouldnt be difficult at all then ’cause my pass-time is to think. Sometimes sense, sometimes nonsense. That sounds so much like the wind passing through the Chimes hanging above the hall entrance. Bingo! I got the name to my blog.Most of my writing will be the same kind.

You will find all kind of articles here in a few days time. Books, Movies, Travel, Music , Quotations, Experiences and above all People. You might even find articles you wouldnt be expecting to find here of all the places. You never know… may be I was thinking the same thought as you.


One comment

  1. Just to say..was here, read that, waiting for more to come..:)

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