Hello world!

January 22, 2007

Welcome to MindChimes

This is my first post ever…



  1. Hmmm:)

  2. It is quite interesting to see my friend opening up a blog to write down what she thinks. As she puts it, sometimes sense and sometimes nonsense. The latter being the dominant one:)

    But jokes apart, I agree that Mind Chimes is nowhere close to what she would have wished to name her blog. I say this because I know her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she never comes across a suitable title for the blog and that’s owing to her vivid imagination power. It is extremely difficult to completely understand or visualize her thoughts, specially the nonsense part 🙂 But if she truly succeeds to pen down her imaginations and her thoughts, I can guarantee this blog would definitely witness hit-flooding…..maybe create a record in the blog history! For now, I have doubts…:)Her imaginations need a new language to be expressed!

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